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What is the Purpose of this Website?
Hans Steiniger is the ultimate sports fan and a big-time follower of the National Basketball Association. After concluding his journey to attend a football game in every stadium in the national football league, a feat he called the Quest for 31, Hansís attention now turns to the other professional sports leagues. What would it be like to see a basketball game in every NBA arena in the country? How do NBA fans differ among the franchises that dot our great nation and extend into Canada? These are the types of questions Iím hoping to answer as my Roundball Roadtrip begins.

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Along the way, I'd like to provide information to help other aspiring Roundball RoadTrippers to complete their journeys.  Throughout this website you'll find links to NBA Arena resources, cheap NBA Tickets, and travels resources to help you get to the Arena and maximize your enjoyment of each NBA city.

What is the Roundball Roadtrip?

Well, much like his Quest for 31, Hans intends to catch a game in each NBA Basketball Arena in the National Basketball Association. Throughout his journey the focus will be on NBA basketball and it fans, as well as working to uncover the local hotspots in each NBA city that visiting fans might find interesting if they decide to make the trek. The NBA experience in North America differs from city to city and uncovering and reporting about these differences will be a large part of the NBA arena reviews that follow throughout this website. For those interested in starting a similar journey, features a plethora of information for getting to the NBA basketball arena, taking NBA basketball arena tours, finding cheap NBA tickets, or locating some of the better local amenities to round out your NBA City experience. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact our website to help improve our collection of information on your NBA City.


My Latest NBA Arena Reviews

Air Canada Centre - The Great White North
Roundball RoadTrip - Air Canada CentreThe NBA expanded into Canada in 1995 with the addition of the Toronto Raptors and Vancouver Grizzlies to the league. Although the Grizzlies had a six year run in Vancouver that ended when they moved to Memphis in 2001, the Toronto Raptors are still going strong. Toronto, Ontario is a thriving, multi-cultural metropolis thatís full of sports fans and although the Toronto Maple Leafs are wildly popular in this ice hockey Mecca, the Toronto Raptors have carved out a place of their own in the hearts of Torontonians.

TD Garden
- Oystas and Chowda
TD Garden - Roundball RoadTrip, Hans Steiniger
The city of Boston, Massachusetts is a great sports town with some of the most die hard fans youíll find anywhere in the country. These days, with championship-caliber talent representing the Boston area in all four of the major pro sports leagues, being a fan of the home team has never been sweeter. It was early March and a couple of weeks before St, Pattyís day (I really wish I planned this trip better), and I found myself in Boston to watch the Boston Celtics take on the Golden State Warriors as part of my continuing Roundball RoadTrip around the NBA.

United Center - The House that Jordan Built
United Center - Hans Steiniger's Roundball RoadTrip
Attending a Chicago Bulls game at the United Center, home of the six-time World Champion Chicago Bulls, has always been a dream of mine. As a teenager growing up in the 1990's in Buffalo, New York, I never had a hometown NBA team to follow. The Buffalo Braves came and left way before my time and I certainly was not about to hitch my sail the Los Angeles Clippers who were originally the Buffalo Braves. I'm not ashamed to admit that I was one of the many bandwagon jumpers that rode Michael Jordan's coattails to NBA championship glory on six separate occasions. Jordan's Bulls were unstoppable with him at the helm, bulldozing their way to six NBA titles and leaving pro

Time Warner Cable Arena - The Cable Box
Time Warner Cable Arena ReviewItís no secret that the Carolinas are a hotspot for the sport of basketball, so when the NBAís Charlotte Hornets left town bound for New Orleans, it was inevitable that the NBA would bring a team back to the area. The Charlotte Bobcats arrived in 2004 and with an appearance in last seasonís playoffs and the additions of NBA superstar Michael Jordan at the helm, the team appears to be headed in the right direction. Their home arena, Time Warner Cable Arena, is an incredible facility with an array of fan amenities thatís second to none, so I was much looking forward to attending my first game there as part of my RoundBall RoadTrip. My Charlotte Bobcats NBA experience started in

Quicken Loans Arena - The King is Dead
Cleveland Cavaliers - Roundball RoadTripMy continuing journey to complete a full circuit of the National Basketball Association, visiting every NBA arena as a fan of each local franchise, resumed in November 2010 with a visit to Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Quicken Loans Arena is home to the Cleveland Cavaliers and is situated in a prime location as part of the Gateway Sports and Entertainment Complex, consisting of Quickens Loans Arena, Progressive Field (home of the Cleveland Indians), and Gateway Plaza. This area is the central hub for Cleveland sports fans as a number of bars, night clubs and restaurants surround the sports complex, providing a variety of pre and post-game entertainment options for fans who

The Palace at Auburn Hills - Pro Ball in the Motor City
RoundBall RoadTrip in the Motor City at the Palace of Auburn HillsThe Motor City is a great sports town with solid franchises that represent the work ethic of its residents. With representation in all four of the major sports leagues and a recent world championship success rate that rivals any other city (with the exception of the Lions), itís easy to see why the Pistons home court advantage is so formidable for opposing teams. The Detroit Pistons have a rock solid fan base that comes out in droves to support the hardest working team in the NBA when they play at home at the Palace of Auburn Hills. The Palace is an incredible, modern facility with ample parking space, great site lines from every seat, and high octane energy that courses through the facility on game day.


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United Center, Chicago - Roundball RoadTrip
United Center

TD Garden - Boston Celtics, Roundball RoadTrip
TD Garden

Palace of Auburn Hills

Amway Arena

Madison Square Garden - Roundball RoadTrip

Madison Square Garden

Time Warner Cable Arena

Air Canada Centre on the Roundball RoadTrip - Toronto Raptors
Air Canada Centre

RoundBall RoadTrip at Quicken Loans Arena
Quicken Loans Arena

RoandBall RoadTrip at the Pepsi Center
Pepsi Center

Philips Arena - Atlanta, GA, Roundball RoadTrip
Philips Arena

Verizon Center

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