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How Do I Get Cheap NBA Tickets?
Madison Square Garden - Roundball RoadTripI consider myself a bit of an expert in obtaining cheap tickets for sporting events. I think I can confidently make that claim due to the fact that I've purchased sporting event tickets in just about every way imaginable. I've bought Cheap NBA tickets from scalpers, stood in line at the box office, and used a multitude of online ticket brokers and auction sites, all in an effort to gain the very best deal I can on reasonably priced tickets in an effort to continue my journey. The Quest for 31, my four year journey to see a game in every NFL stadium, is a shining example of the resolve I've shown to get these great deals. Experience is certainly the very best teacher and through my experiences attending these sporting events across the major pro sports leagues I think I'm in a reasonable position to offer some suggestions.

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Boston Celtics Tickets
New Jersey Nets Tickets
New York Knicks Tickets
Philadelphia 76ers Tickets
Toronto Raptors Tickets
Chicago Bulls Tickets
Cleveland Cavaliers Tickets
Detroit Pistons Tickets
Indiana Pacers Tickets
Milwaukee Bucks Tickets
Atlanta Hawks Tickets
Charlotte Bobcats Tickets
Miami Heat Tickets
Orlando Magic Tickets
Washington Wizards Tickets
Dallas Mavericks Tickets
Houston Rockets Tickets
Memphis Grizzlies Tickets
New Orleans Hornets Tickets
San Antonio Spurs Tickets
Denver Nuggets Tickets
Minnesota Timberwolves Tickets
Portland Trail Blazers Tickets
Oklahoma City Thunder Tickets
Utah Jazz Tickets
Golden State Warriors Tickets
Los Angeles Clippers Tickets
Los Angeles Lakers Tickets
Phoenix Suns Tickets
Sacramento Kings Tickets

Cheap NBA Tickets at Philips Arena - Atlanta HawksAs I continue my RoundBall RoadTrip, I intend to draw on my experiences as an NFL stadium traveler to seek out cheap NBA tickets and also provide a great resource for others who are attempting to do the same thing. Just as my website, was intended to serve as a road map to other travelers looking to attend games in unfamiliar NFL cities, I envision to offer the same service to fans of the National Basketball Association. During interviews, I am constantly asked where do I get cheap NBA tickets from? How can I maintain such an aggressive travel schedule and continuously afford to take these trips across the country? What I've found is that the easiest way to buy cheap NBA tickets is to go through the major online ticket brokers, so what I've done on this site is to list the major online tickets brokers on each team page that I work with on a daily basis, which allows my visitors to compare ticket pricing and ticket availability. These guys are reputable, tickets are guaranteed, and you will have a good experience dealing with them. If anyone has any issues with any of the brokers I've listed on this website, please feel free to contact me I'm sure I can help out.  I have several contacts at each of the online brokers that are listed on my website.


How to Compare NBA Ticket Prices
Pepsi Center, Denver Nuggets - Roundball RoadTripThe price of NBA tickets can be affected by a number of factors; the opponent that will be in town, the seating areas that are available, and the date and time of the game can all have an effect on what a ticket pricing. As you compare the listed price of these tickets at each of the ticket broker links listed on, it's important to already know the price these tickets are being sold for at the box office, as well as to know their seat location within the arena. Knowing some information about ticket costs in a couple of seating areas can be very helpful as you search for the best deal. You'll want to be certain that the price quotes you're getting online fall in line with the price that each team box office is charging to avoid getting hosed on the cost you might be paying for NBA tickets. Knowing these costs in advance can also help in negotiations with ticket scalpers on gameday, if you have to resort to trying to find a ticket at the arena the day of the game.

Cheap NBA Tickets at the Palace of Auburn Hills on the Roundball RoadTripAlso be aware that many of the professional NBA teams have signed exclusive deals with some of the online brokers to allow them to sell their individual game tickets. This allows the team to avoid maintaining a ticket office that's open seven days a week with all the associated costs of personnel and overhead. What this means to the casual NBA fan is that the team generally will not post individual game NBA ticket prices on their website. You'll generally find season ticket costs, but the individual game ticket remain a mystery making things even more complicated. In cases where I was able to find "face value" or "box office" pricing, I've posted this information on each individual team page.

Feel free to click through and compare all the individual ticket brokers listed on the team page to find who has the best price on NBA tickets. Typically if I'm planning on attending a game in another city, that's what I do. But also be aware that these brokers may charge additional fees for order processing and shipping which will increase the final price of your ticket. Unfortunately these are unavoidable, but I've been able to collect link to the online ticket brokers that have the lowest fees out there.

How to Purchase NBA Tickets
Cheap NBA Tickets to see the Orlando Magic at th Amway Center If you're looking to purchase NBA tickets for an upcoming game, then you're come to the right place. Begin by clicking on the team name at the left and either click on the link at the top of the page or scroll down to my section on "Planning Your Next Trip". In this area, you'll find an arena seating chart with detailed section numbers and seat locations along with several other gameday resources. You'll find a link to the NBA Team's game schedule, a seven-day weather forecast, and a set of links to several reputable online ticket brokers. Use these links to compare NBA game ticket prices and find the best deal. Most online ticket brokers will tack on a processing fee and shipping to the price that appears onscreen so be aware that you will have to pay a bit more than the advertised price. Unfortunately these fees are unavoidable.
If you've purchased Cheap NBA Tickets through I want to know about your experience.  Feel free to fill in my Comment Forms located throughout the website and let me know about your dealings with the online ticket brokers I have posted.  Did you receive fair treatment as far as price is concerned?  How were the seats?  If you had any issues, please let me know immediately and I can try to straighten things out on your behalf.  The online ticket brokers recommended are all businesses I have personally used and have a high degree of confidence in so I would be surprised if there are any issues.
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