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NBA Arena Reviews
Hans Steingier at Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland CavaliersThe Roundball Roadtrip was inspired by my desire to experience the NBA in a way that eludes most fans. I wanted to see pro basketball through the eyes of its followers and not just from the vantage point of handful of fans, but through the eyes of every home fanbase in the league. It's a journey about experiencing the National Basketball Association as a fan of each of the thirty teams that comprise it. Each NBA team's arena has a set of distinctly unique traditions and an energy that truly enhances the experience of all who enter it's hallowed halls. In addition, the city itself brings its own distinct flavor and local culture that permeates through the experience of being a fan of the local franchise. My Roundball Road trip is all about trying to uncover these local influences that make following every NBA team an experience unto its own. I want to know what it's like to be a Boston Celtics fan hanging out a TD Garden looking to the rafters at seventeen NBA Championship banners, to be a long suffering New York Knicks fan hoping the team can turn things around, or to rub elbows with celebrities like they do at LA Laker games.

TD Garden - Roundball RoadTripMy main intention in setting up is to create a resource for pro basketball fans that are interested in traveling to other NBA arenas to attend games. My hope is that it can serve as an area online to promote the exchange of ideas about where to go and what to do when you're in a new NBA city. To that end, after each new NBA city I visit, I compile an NBA Arena Review summarizing my experience in that particular city supporting the local NBA franchise. I hope to highlight the best local restaurants, sports bars, local foods and tourist attractions. The end goal here is to provide others with a road map for beginning their own Roundball Roadtrip including all the must see attractions that every visitor has to take in when in town.

United Center - Chicago BullsGoing to an NBA game in another city involves a fair amount of coordination. It starts obviously with acquiring the game tickets. If you're looking for cheap NBA tickets, I've actually setup a system of links that allows users to compare ticket pricing among some of the more reputable online ticket brokers. When I need cheap NBA tickets, these are the guys I check with first. Once game time has been established, you gotta get transportation down there and find a place to stay. With the travel and accommodations out of the way, it becomes all about trying to figure out what to do while you're in town. Where are the best sports bars? How can you find a good bar district? Where should you go to eat? What is there to see and do while in town? these are precisely the types of questions that we at intend to answer through our series of NBA Arena Reviews.

As you page through our website and through the Arena Reviews, I think you'll find that we've streamlined the process of attending a foreign NBA Arena to make the planning stages easier. I hope you will find my website useful and feel free to add information about each city by submitting comments using our comment forms at the bottom of the page.


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